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Anders Brobech 🇩🇰

Anders Brobech Racing Pigeons for sale

Anders Brøbech needs no further introduction. He has been at the top of Danish pigeon racing for many years, and it’s challenging to believe that anyone could top Anders regarding the interest for and commitment to this sport. He also takes part in all events in the racing calendar. Although Anders may be best known for his superb results at long and marathon distances, he puts a great deal of effort and preparation into ranking among the best, even in the short-distance regional club races – and succeeds!

Whenever you are in the company of Anders, you are left in no doubt that this is a sportsman who ‘lives and breathes’ racing pigeons. He is very keen on continually improving working methods, and it is particularly interesting to see that he is never afraid to try out new techniques – even if they fall into the category of ‘untraditional’. But, as they say, ‘if you follow in the footsteps of others, you’ll never get ahead!’

Anders ships worldwide, all these birds are located in Denmark. If you have any question at all, do not hesitate to contact Anders at: 

  • +45 23 20 35 88 (WhatsApp / Voice)