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Flor Engels 🇩🇰

Flor Engels, racing pigeons for sale
One of the enduring legends in Belgian pigeon racing history belongs to Jos and Jules Engels, hailing from Putte near Antwerp. Their family has a rich tradition in the sport, with their father, Flor Engels, having dominated the middle-distance races in Antwerp for many years, clinching victories not only at the local level but also at the provincial and national levels. Jos and Jules have been integral members of the Engels family racing team, and even after their father's passing in 2002 at the remarkable age of 93, they have continued their winning streak, maintaining a thriving and swift colony of exceptional pigeons.

The Engels pigeons are renowned for their exceptional qualities – they possess an elegant build, soft feathers, and powerful eyes. Remarkably, they continue to excel at the highest levels of competition. Jos and Jules have developed a unique inbred family of pigeons, which have gained international recognition for their exceptional breeding capabilities, making them sensation-producing pigeons cherished by enthusiasts worldwide.