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Janssen Brothers 🇩🇰

Janssen Brothers, racing pigeons for sale
Undoubtedly, the world's premier racing pigeon strain hails from the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk, Belgium. This exceptional lineage, developed by these revered individuals, stands as an inimitable and inbred pigeon family that played a pivotal role in shaping the global pigeon sport post-World War II.

Affectionately known as "De mannekes" (the men), the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk steadily showcased their unrivaled breeding prowess over several years. Their ability to produce exceptional pigeons was a closely guarded secret, with those fortunate enough to acquire pigeons from De Schoolstraat swiftly ascending to the ranks of champions. The "Janssen pigeon" possessed an unparalleled level of quality, leading to a revolutionary transformation of the racing pigeon sport.

The fame of the Janssen Brothers transcended borders, thanks to the remarkable performances achieved by their magnificent pigeons. Enthusiasts from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and beyond were astounded by the incredible impact of these birds, catapulting the Janssen Brothers to worldwide recognition and acclaim.