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Jos de Klak 🇩🇰

Jos de Klak, racing pigeons for sale
Jos van Limpt, known affectionately as "De Klak," hailing from Reusel in the Netherlands, peacefully departed this world on March 3, 2004, after a prolonged battle with a terminal illness, achieving the remarkable age of 81.

The global pigeon racing community mourns the loss of a legendary figure. De Klak stands as one of the most celebrated pigeon racers, and his name holds an almost mystical allure. Hailing from Reusel, the champion has significantly elevated the breeding prowess of his distinguished Janssen lineage, which has held its own for numerous years. While many have sought pigeons from the Janssens brothers in Arendonk, none have been able to replicate the exceptional results achieved by De Klak. Klak's pigeons are sought after in pigeon-loving communities worldwide, where they soar with the grace of champions.

For five decades, De Klak reigned as one of the foremost champions, a unique record that will likely never be surpassed. He guided his journey with intuition, keen instincts, and an unrelenting drive to possess the finest pigeons. Pigeons closely related to those bred by this master craftsman held immeasurable value for future generations of breeders.