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Leo Heremans

Leo Heremans, racing pigeons for sale
Leo Heremans, an unlikely enthusiast, discovered his passion for pigeon racing when his children rescued an injured pigeon. His journey began at the Herentals market, acquiring a colorful mix of pigeons. In 1978, with advice from fellow fanciers, he entered the racing scene.

Facing setbacks, Leo refined his loft over the years, eventually breeding legends like Olympiade and Bolt. His philosophy was simple - good pedigree yields champions, emphasizing the importance of a pigeon's lineage.

In a historic auction in 2013, Leo Heremans shattered records, selling 530 pigeons for 4.3 million euros. Notably, Bolt, a descendant of the Olympiad lineage, fetched an astounding 310,000 euros, becoming the most expensive pigeon in history.

Leo Heremans, a true pioneer, leaves an indelible mark on the pigeon racing world, his legacy soaring with each champion bred under his guidance.